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I create art to facilitate my personal evolution as both an individual and a part of the greater whole. My art creation is where I cultivate my thoughts, my focus, meditation, and perception. Art has become a personal ritual, a daily rite which leads me to study the world around me and increases my awareness of the universe.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ART CARDS by GCAMWIL STUDIO- Now Available !!!

Art Cards from the original oil paintings by Garett Campbell-Wilson are now available through Gcamwil Studio.

$30/box | 6 Mixed Art Cards | 5" x 3.5" | 2008

Contact us at frontdesk@gcamwilstudio.com or call 604 375.5802 to own your own mini collection today!

Have a Blessed and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Gcamwil Studio is proud to feature the Abstract Art of Jasmine Farmer in our PANDORA GALLERY.

“There's no set time line of when you must become can artist." We asked Jasmine what she would do if she could not do art. Jasmine's response was "I was born to be an artist. Art is my passion." Growing up, Jasmine was fascinated with and used every spare second drawing geometric shapes and design lettering. It was obvious I had glowing excitement to be come a professional artist and designer.

"To be an artist means so much more to me than painting and drawing. I engage myself into the process of creative thinking, which led me to become interested in graphic design. I respect myself as a multimedia artist taking a universal approach with any medium to any surface. My work ranges from digital and hands on graphic design, abstract & representational painting, photography, printmaking & bookmaking.”

And the list goes on....

" The beauty of abstracts is when happy accidents occur."
-Jasmine Farmer

Friday, November 14, 2008


Gcamwil Studio will be chatting on the airwaves this week with Scott Paton; Mastermind of Podcasting Unleashed and the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology!

Tune in to hear Garett Campbell-Wilson speak about methods to unlease YOUR innate right brain creativity.

The interview will be available on line! Check back later this week for more information.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Do you really love to dance? Want to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to bring your friends, family and co-workers out for a night of incredible entertainment?

Join thousands of people across Canada this November who will be moving to the new global beat – while raising money for a great cause. Dance for the World will be held in: Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Charlottetown.

GCAMWIL STUDIO will be featuring a series of new works inspired by dance and performance art. Join us on December 4th at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre for Dance For the World in Vancouver. Honoring British Columbians who have served as CUSO and VSO volunteers working around the world in developing countries.

CUSO and VSO Canada overseas volunteers work in partnership with local communities in 44 countries around the world. Support their work to end poverty around the world by raising money for the Volunteer Partnership Fund.

CUSO was launched in 1961, built on the foundation of Canadian Overseas Volunteers (COV), which started the year before. Over 47 years, CUSO sent 11,000 volunteers abroad to work on poverty reduction, human rights, access to justice, health, education and environmental sustainability.
The newly merged CUSO-VSO continues the CUSO practice of giving Canadians the information, experiences and tools they need to become active global citizens. Canadian partners, returned overseas volunteers, and active in-country volunteers work to increase public awareness of international development.

WINE ON THE MOUNTAIN 2008 - The Adoptive Families Association of BC

In this Photo: Ron Sombilon
Photo by: Clayton Perry Photography

Situated at the top of spectacular Grouse Mountain, 350 guests ride up to the Peak of Vancouver and enter the enchanting Lupins restaurant at the heart of the Alpine Lodge. Here, surrounded by breath taking views, the acclaimed "Wine on the Mountain" wine and food pairing fundraising party, benefiting the Adoptive Families Association of BC, begins.

The fabulous wine affair is not just for the most experienced of palettes; whether you’re a connoisseur or not, you can indulge your senses tasting wine from around the world and have fun taking part in a “People’s Choice” for the best wine.

Highlights include live music with The Glenn Riley Quartet and special guest Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, tantalizing hors d'oeuvres presented by Grouse Mountain’s award winning Chef Dino, FigMint Restaurant & Lounge and Deuce Restaurant.

A premium Silent Auction presented by Scotiabank, a Distinct Wine Auction with exclusive wines presented by Fire Fly Fine Wines and Ales and the back by popular demand Live Auction “Wall of Wine” presented by Artisan Wine Company and Custom Cellars, a wine lover’s dream package with over 100 bottles of award winning wines with your very own wine cellar. Our popular Trip Raffle is back with an Okanagan Wine Adventure for 4 and a Wine Whistler Excursion for 2.

New this year, is a dynamic sabering show with house wine and the not to be missed “Chocolate Cellar.”

Grouse Mountain's wine experts will be on hand all evening as you seek out your perfect wine and food pairing. As a special bonus, all tickets include a chance to win a private and exclusive tasting with Grouse Mountain’s Head Sommelier where 24 lucky winners will learn to taste like a professional while exploring a range of wine styles.

Don’t miss out on this year’s exciting theme “Red and White and All That Sparkles” featuring: Fine red and white wines from around the world paired with food by Grouse Mountain’s award winning chef. Food and wine tasting adventures with Sparkling Beverages, Chocolates, Sake Tastings, Ciders, Ports, Champagnes, Fine Ales, Puddifoots Specialty Glassware, Decadent Crackers, Unique Cheeses and more.

Special guests include Senator Larry Campbell and John Schreiner BC’s very own wine expert.

Charity Art Exhibition graciously donated by RONSOMBILONGALLERY and GCAMWILSTUDIO

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Gcamwil Studio is featured in todays media release

Garett Campbell-Wilson is back from Beantown.

The Tsawwassen artist, who graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University last year, will have a showcase of his paintings on display at Simon Fraser University's downtown campus as part of the Vancouver Pan African Film Festival later this month.

The seven pieces are all along the theme of kinship, he said.

The South Delta Secondary grad said the paintings were just about completed when he talked to the Optimist recently.

He's able to work very quickly, Campbell-Wilson said, but depending on the amount of detail some things can take longer than others.

During his time at the Art Institute of Boston, he got involved with numerous side projects on top of his schoolwork. He was in class during the day and spent time on his other projects at night.

"That's what I had to do. A lot of times, when opportunities get thrown at you, you've got to take them, especially as an artist," he said. "Every opportunity that came towards me, I jumped on it."

In collaboration with a professor, he created the school's first illustration magazine, produced a series of jewelry designs, designed and painted a large scale mural for a martial arts facility and shot a series of documentaries at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

Campbell-Wilson said he had free rein to study pretty much what he wanted.

"Where I got the most benefit from the school was that it was interdisciplinary."

He experimented with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, design and even language arts, he said.

"All those things are tied into what I'm doing today."

Campbell-Wilson also teaches in Tsawwassen with the Delta Arts Council.

Check out www.gcamwilstudio.com for more information.

Check out Gcamwil Studio on Canada.com to view this article:

Dave Willis, The Delta Optimist
Published: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008


In this photo: Sharon Abbondanza, Carla Reiger, and Garett Campbell Wilson
from the Last Synchronicity Sale Friday Night Delight on May 2nd 2008.

Sharon and Carla are dressed in 'Sympli the Best'
and wearing jewellery by Elana Sigal.

The back drop painting is by artist Garrett Campbell Wilson

Photo by: Ron Sombilon


LAST Synchronicity Sale in East Vancouver at Hansen House & Home Decor Gallery


Extraordinary Vedic Inspired Jewelry

Garett Campbell Wilson

Garett will be featuring illuminated artwork that radiates with an inner glow reminiscent of Romantic Art. Primordial male and female figures and the natural worlds wildlife take shape in the chromatic mist enveloping forms in light and shadow.

Come see the brushstrokes and calligraphic marks of Vancouver's Best Kept Secret; The Art of Garett Campbell-Wilson.

Sharryn Graham

Sharryn designs a GREAT selection of hand-crafted mini cards, gift sets, and gift tags. Unique, adorable and made with love!

Christine Stovelaar

Christine will have the natural botanically based Swiss Skin Care Line ARBONNE. A full range of product will be offered. Pure. Natural. Beneficial. Get Yours!

DOLL - Handbags by Sandra Fukelman

Innovative fabric art handbags from Brazil. Each piece is from an original collection of bags decorated with Sandras' signature DOLLS featuring the finest luxury fabrics and trims. Silks, satins, velvet and snakeskin accented by Swarovski crystals to create a vivid, colourful collage evocative of the multi ethnicity that is Brazil. From chic and sophisticated to whimsical and fun these designs are for those who dare to be different.

Friday, March 21, 2008


In this photo: Ron Sombilon, Vena Campbell, and Garett Campbell-Wilson
Photo by: Ron Sombilon

An invitation to an art exhibition from a stranger brought me to the Hansen House Gallery of Art and Home D├ęcor on the night of the New Moon on March 7, 2008. I climbed the narrow stairway to the second floor through the doorway from the parking lot at the side of the converted warehouse near the rail tracks and waterfront of East Vancouver.

The Origins reception for the artist’s exhibition of new work was held between the stacks and shelves of a menagerie of ethnic artefacts in different forms and materials from around the world. It was like a global village bazaar of folk and tribal arts and crafts crowded with people in the aisles.

Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist in his early twenties with a creative vision. The artist was clean-shaven with long dreadlocks tied back under a black headscarf. He wore a white shirt with black jacket, jeans and boots.

The Origins exhibition pieces were scattered here and there and hung from the racks in the midst of carved and painted masks, figures sculpted in wood, stone, and clay, and furniture with ebony lacquered finishes.

Two pieces titled Origins and Nubian Nights are done in a similar style. There is an inner glow to the pieces as if illuminated by the flames of ancient temple torchlight in an atmospheric haze reminiscent of the landscapes of John Constable such as Seascape Study with Rain Cloud (1824), and Rain, Steam and Speed (1844) by Joseph Mallord William Turner, both English Romantic Painters.

Muscular male and female figures take shape in the chromatic mist enveloping the forms in a chiaroscuro of light and shadow. The phantom forms acquire mass and volume with a lingering gaze of the picture frame. The absorption and reflection of light is modulated with a colour palette of bright tints blended smoothly and selectively with bold yellow red pigments and complementary colour tones and shades.

Visceral, yet humanized forms, made from the push and pull on the picture plane, take on a sculptural quality like impressions made in relief on a soft clay wall lit from above. Primal beings emerge from the deep shadow hues in the figure ground reversal of the light and dark patterns of the compositions where the background seems to squeeze the figure from the outside.

The reversal of the figure and ground shapes in the light and dark areas are easier to see at a distance, or by squinting the eyes when looking at the paintings. The ambiguous shapes are resolved by the artist’s return to the flatness of the picture surface with brush strokes and calligraphic marks like streaks of water splashed on a window and the image is seen through a pane of glass.

The Origins paintings have a shiny and smooth surface for aesthetic and practical reasons. The clear finish is a tough topcoat that adds durability and archival features to the artwork, and has a certain conceptual correlation with the glass window appearance of the image. The smooth finish and surface treatment of the artwork as a whole lends a certain aesthetic distance to the pieces by what is reflected by and mirrored on the shiny surface and what shows through in the image.

The psychological effect of the rain spattered window of the picture frame shifts from a looking through a pane of glass to the looking at a reflection of the figures in candlelight within the interior of a room.

The Origins reception filled the entrance and aisles of the Hansen House showroom. Bright eyes and nice faces in cream, mocha, and chocolate flavours. An elegant and friendly crowd milling about and gathering at the wine and cheese tables, and around the artist for digital photos.

The younger group wandered into the artist’s small studio overlooking Powell Street from the second floor at the front of the building. They chatted about the detailed anatomical drawings of the human form, the figurative sketches, and a schematic design of a futuristic space ship.

The artist’s parents, Vena & Keith, were gracious and warm hosts at the Origins opening reception. They circulated amongst the congregation of family and friends and tended to the guests with a friendly smile. The catering was courteous and efficient, and the snacks were fresh and tasty. The wine and cheese buffet was adjacent to the focus of the evening, the artist and his Origins painting.

The Black Pharaoh and Priestess in the Nubian Nights painting was a timely coincidence to the March 2008 edition of the National Geographic magazine on the newsstand. The Origins exhibition by Garett Campbell-Wilson deserves a room of it’s own for a finer appreciation of the African Royalty theme and the artist’s creative vision.

James T. Cooper
March 17, 2008