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I create art to facilitate my personal evolution as both an individual and a part of the greater whole. My art creation is where I cultivate my thoughts, my focus, meditation, and perception. Art has become a personal ritual, a daily rite which leads me to study the world around me and increases my awareness of the universe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Do you really love to dance? Want to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to bring your friends, family and co-workers out for a night of incredible entertainment?

Join thousands of people across Canada this November who will be moving to the new global beat – while raising money for a great cause. Dance for the World will be held in: Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Charlottetown.

GCAMWIL STUDIO will be featuring a series of new works inspired by dance and performance art. Join us on December 4th at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre for Dance For the World in Vancouver. Honoring British Columbians who have served as CUSO and VSO volunteers working around the world in developing countries.

CUSO and VSO Canada overseas volunteers work in partnership with local communities in 44 countries around the world. Support their work to end poverty around the world by raising money for the Volunteer Partnership Fund.

CUSO was launched in 1961, built on the foundation of Canadian Overseas Volunteers (COV), which started the year before. Over 47 years, CUSO sent 11,000 volunteers abroad to work on poverty reduction, human rights, access to justice, health, education and environmental sustainability.
The newly merged CUSO-VSO continues the CUSO practice of giving Canadians the information, experiences and tools they need to become active global citizens. Canadian partners, returned overseas volunteers, and active in-country volunteers work to increase public awareness of international development.

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