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I create art to facilitate my personal evolution as both an individual and a part of the greater whole. My art creation is where I cultivate my thoughts, my focus, meditation, and perception. Art has become a personal ritual, a daily rite which leads me to study the world around me and increases my awareness of the universe.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ART CARDS by GCAMWIL STUDIO- Now Available !!!

Art Cards from the original oil paintings by Garett Campbell-Wilson are now available through Gcamwil Studio.

$30/box | 6 Mixed Art Cards | 5" x 3.5" | 2008

Contact us at frontdesk@gcamwilstudio.com or call 604 375.5802 to own your own mini collection today!

Have a Blessed and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Gcamwil Studio is proud to feature the Abstract Art of Jasmine Farmer in our PANDORA GALLERY.

“There's no set time line of when you must become can artist." We asked Jasmine what she would do if she could not do art. Jasmine's response was "I was born to be an artist. Art is my passion." Growing up, Jasmine was fascinated with and used every spare second drawing geometric shapes and design lettering. It was obvious I had glowing excitement to be come a professional artist and designer.

"To be an artist means so much more to me than painting and drawing. I engage myself into the process of creative thinking, which led me to become interested in graphic design. I respect myself as a multimedia artist taking a universal approach with any medium to any surface. My work ranges from digital and hands on graphic design, abstract & representational painting, photography, printmaking & bookmaking.”

And the list goes on....

" The beauty of abstracts is when happy accidents occur."
-Jasmine Farmer